Did you know that our company has been active for more than 30 years? We can provide you with the best services based on years of experience.

Jalena is a synonym for professional digitizing and archiving. All your valuable originals are safe if you decide to entrust them to us. Nothing is going to be lost and everything will stay preserved for future generations. You can view, replay or share your treasured documents and mementos as often and wherever you want. And it is going to be far more convenient than if they were still in their original format.


Jalena is a member of the Acmisgroup, which is a consortium of companies that specialize in digitization (archives, collections, etc.). We provide services for museums, libraries, companies and individuals. We are able to digitize a wide range of originals, starting with family photo albums to national treasures. Each project is customized. Acmisgroup has had international experience for more than 30 years in the field of archiving. We do all our scanning on state-of-the-art professional equipment (semi-automatic standard formats; we use specialized devices for valuable or fragile originals).